Ultimate Reset – Day #20 – Hilery

An exciting day! Only one day left to go!!

I started this morning with a fruit bowl and yogurt again. It worked well yesterday so why mess with perfection?! The Forager yogurt is growing on me.

I made another Asian stir fry for lunch and used some of the leftover brown rice from last night to go with it.

I had a busy day and felt like having Shakeology as a mid-afternoon snack. The Reset has made me more aware that I may have a Shakeology addiction! I rarely go more than a day without it.

Dinner was a stuffed sweet potato with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and chickpeas. I know this is way heartier than the suggested dinner because I added chickpeas and all the dinners this week are strictly vegetables. I just feel like I am happy with the weight loss and don’t want to lose more so I’m still listening to my gut when it comes to my daily food choices.

I can’t believe there is only one more day to go! When I started the Reset I felt like three weeks was a fairly big undertaking. I am a free spirit and don’t like too many set commitments! The time has just flown by though. I think I am lucky I already eat like this so I know that made things easier. I have a feeling the time goes by quick for everyone the way the system is set up in one week segments.

See you back here tomorrow for the final day!

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