Ultimate Reset Day #3 – Hilery

Welcome to Ultimate Reset Day #3!

Day three is a travel day for me! I had clients at 4:30, 8:00, and 9:00am and had to check out of the VRBO at 10!

Meals – Ultimate Reset

Breakfast was the usual overnight oats and I added some different fruit again today to make sure I am getting a nice array of nutrients in my breakfast each day.

For lunch I stuck with Shakeology. It really is my easiest meal of the day. In other words is so nice not to have to bother with one meal yet still get amazing nutrition from it. I decided to make it in the morning in the blender and stick it in the freezer so it would taste a little better in the long car ride.

For dinner I decided to go with the Microgreen Salad. However, I skipped the Zucchini Cashew soup and roasted pumpkin seeds as the recommended accompaniments. Instead I went for an avocado and some pecans. I figured both pumpkin seeds and cashews were recommended for healthy fat. Similarly, I felt like the avocado would suffice and be much quicker!! The salad was amazing. The jalapeno dressing was definitely spicy but that isn’t a part of the reset, just an easy dressing I bought at Whole Foods because it was “clean”.


I am definitely slacking on getting the supplements timed exactly a half an hour before I eat. Especially at lunch, I tend to take them just a few minutes before the Shakeology but I’m doing the best I can with this traveling lifestyle!


I am someone that tries to do everything perfectly but also gives myself permission to do my own thing if that is what feels right! There is no reason to make this Reset a torturous process if you can figure out some easy alternatives.

Once we get to Hilton Head on Sunday, I am going to try to stick to the official meal plan for the week while we are in one location! I can’t believe I’m already done with day three! Time flies when you are having fun!!

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