Ultimate Reset Day #5 – Hilery

Welcome to Ultimate Reset Day #5!

I can’t believe it is already day five! The first week is almost over. It’s funny how committing to a 21-day program of clean eating can feel like a long commitment initially but once you are doing it the time just flies by.

I slept extremely well last night, a very deep sleep compared to what I am used to. I’m not sure if that is reset related or not. I had another fruit bowl with coconut yogurt for breakfast. I am definitely at a point where I am trying to use the groceries based upon how quick they will perish and how well they will travel in the car for 5 hours. Fruit and yogurt need to be consumed by tomorrow morning when we leave.

I am feeling really full today. All the fiber from the massive fruit bowl, gigantic salad, and huge stir fry feels like it is sticking with me. After a big fruit bowl again for breakfast, it made me just want Shakeology for lunch. I don’t like feeling heavy or really full so I’m going to go for a lighter lunch today.

Based on the grocery situation I decided to make the Microgreen Salad again! I made enough quinoa last night to have a couple more servings so I threw that in and an avocado…because they are going to rot and the healthy fat is a good swap for the zucchini cashew soup.

Here’s my recap of the day and a few physical things I am noticing!

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