Ultimate Reset Day #6 – Hilery

Welcome to Ultimate Reset Day #6!

Ultimate Reset Day #6 is a travel day for me which means I will be putting in about a 16 hour day. Since I am just recovering from a long medical nightmare, this feels like such a wonderful accomplishment. There is no way I could have done this a few months ago. So it may be a long day but I am incredibly grateful that I can pull it off!

Ultimate Reset Day#6

The look on his face when you turn the seat warmers on!

I’m going to let the video explain the food choices today because I was a little confused at what groceries to put to use in the morning! For dinner I did use the frozen veggie mix that I show in the video on top of what I had left for salad ingredients.

I’m looking forward to heading to Whole Foods in the morning and getting some fresh supplies and sticking to the meal plan better.

Take a look at the recipes I should have been eating today!


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