Ultimate Reset Day #8 – Hilery

Welcome to Ultimate Reset Day #8!

Week Two begins today!! A new supplement is being added to the mix and well the flavor isn’t bad but the texture isn’t my favorite. Luckily I am pretty good at chugging 8 ounces of water!

detox supplement in glass water bottle all mixed up with other reset supplements in the background

This new supplement is to help with detoxification and they warn you that you may not feel just an intestinal detox but it could also be through the skin and emotional. Looks like I have a fun week ahead LOL.

I stuck to the plan today and had the fruit plate for breakfast and the microgreen salad for lunch BUT I skipped the suggested avocado and pumpkin seeds and used the leftover zucchini cashew soup for dressing from last night. For dinner I swapped out pinto beans for black beans and quinoa for rice. I didn’t buy rice as I’m trying to keep the groceries to a minimum while traveling and I prefer the way quinoa feels in my body more than rice! It’s definitely not the same experience as rice and beans but it works! The steamed zucchini and green beans with lemon were delicious.

I saved the Shakeology today in case I did need a snack or wanted a sweet treat at the end of the day. When Shakeology becomes your cheat – you know you are eating super clean!! I didn’t end up needing it so I went without.

The only difference I noticed from the detox supplement today was that I was extra thirsty!

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