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When looking at different workouts, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best fit for you. If you would like to lessen the hassle of choosing, take a look at our Total Solution Approach and see if the package is right for you!

Continue reading if you would like to figure out which workout is right for you.


The first thing to determine is how much time you have to dedicate to fitness. There is quite a variety of length within the Beachbody Library. For Instance:

10 Minutes – Short workouts that can help create and build habits. Some examples include: 10 Minute Trainer, Controlled Stretch and Unstress.

30 Minutes – Mid length workouts that can create foundations of fitness and strength. Some examples include: Power Half Hour, P90x3 and Country Heat.

1 Hour – Longer workouts that can enable you to break through plateaus and reach new fitness highs. Some Examples include: P90x, P90x2, Barre Blend. *Most of the workouts on Beachbody can be completed within 1 hour, even while pausing.

Knowing how much free time you have can help you be realistic about your SMART goals.

Time can also refer to program length, and not just duration. For Instance:

1 week – Programs designed to get you moving and establishing skills. Some Examples include: Clean Week, Shawn Week

1 Month – Short-term programs that help cement habits. Some examples include: 21 Day Fix, Let’s Get up.

2 Months – Medium-term programs that aim to build upon foundations. Some Examples include Insanity, LIIFT 4, Piyo

3 Months – Long-term programs that can push past plateaus and help achieve greater heights. Most of the programs can be completed within 90 days.

If your timeframe is limited, consider one of the shorter programs initially. Then you can build upon your skills and knowledge when selecting the next program.


The nest step to determine what workouts are best would be to figure out the intensity of program within the time limits you have. Some examples are:

Light – Light workouts will stretch and improve flex ability. Some Examples include: 3 Week Yoga Retreat and Tai Cheng

Moderate – Moderate workouts will engage your muscles and help burn calories. Some Examples include: , Let’s Get Up!, Brazil Butt Lift and Piyo

Heavy – Heavy workouts are aimed at building muscle. They include: Body Beast, P90X, Insanity and Master and Chisel

Choose the intensity thats right for you based on previous workout experience and whats been beneficial in the past.

Workout Type

Now that we have a time and intensity to our workouts, we can determine what equipment we have or want to help achieve our goals.

Stretching – These workouts allow you to rest, recover and prevent injury. They Include: Tai Cheng

Bodyweight – These programs use Bodyweight as the major resistance, perhaps with some minor weights thrown in. Some Examples Include: P90x, and Power 90.

Weights – These programs utilize heavy weights in addition to some bodyweight exercises. Examples include – Hammer and Chisel and Body beast

We are here to assist you with help choosing your workouts that best fits your lifestyle, and allows you to maintain that lifestyle, with the convenience of one of the programs we offer.

First, we need to understand a few things about you:

What is your goal?

How busy you are?

What does your schedule consist of?

What has worked for you in the past?

From these answers we are able to window a set of workouts, and nutritional products to get you to accomplish those goals. We then narrow that window down to help with choosing workouts that you find appealing and FUN!! We recommend checking out all the programs offered at Beachbody On Demand.

help choose your own workouts

It allows you to not only get the program you are looking for but a variety of others that are beneficial to your health as well. Yoga incorporated into my training to help with mobility and neuromuscular connection.

Don’t forget to checkout our tutorial on how to download workouts on the fly when traveling, or working away from home at

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