Every program when chosen, usually has some sort of nutrition program or guideline. Beachbody offers 3 programs that are “stand alone” programs. Stand alone program is are separate nutritional programs that can be executed aside from the workout program.

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Ultimate Portion Fix is the expansion of one of the most successful weight-loss programs ever. In addition, it comes with portion-control containers that take the guesswork and emotions out of eating perfectly sized meals. Taking portion control to the next level with more information and more recipes to fine tune your Nutrition. Even if you’ve been using containers for years, this 30-day program can set you up for a lifetime of success.

Portion fix Nutrition

How to use Portion Fix

There are a lot of Videos, from the link above, that you can utilize to customize and tailor the program to specific needs. Lets go through Step-by-step how to calculate and Use the Ultimate Portion Fix.

  • First thing you want to do is Calculate your Caloric Baseline and Maintenance Calories.

I Have filled in the Example Below

  • Next, You want to Adjust Depending on your goals.

  • In This case, I want to Build Muscle So I take  2270 From the calculation and find my Meal Plan. Then Bump one up to increase calories.

In our Example I would select and Follow “Portion Plan E”

  • The plan details out how many and of what color containers to fill and eat through the day. Simplifying the guesswork of macronutrients and allowing me to focus on Fitness!

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I personally think we all love eating. For instance, after a good workout I tend to be craving my favorite foods, snacks, etc.. You’ll still be able to eat the things you love, go out to parties, eat at restaurants. Above all, This program teaches you what you should eat and why. There is NO measuring, NO counting calories, and NO cutting food groups. The 2B Mindset doesn’t “tell” you what you should eat. Instead, it helps you learn what you should eat and why.

2B Mindset Nutrition

  • 2B Mindset includes a technique called Plate It! There is nothing to weigh or measure, just use the ratios provided for each of your meals.

Here is a Lunch Plate It! example.

  • Also Included in the 2B mindset are fridge and pantry recommendations. 

  • Planning and prepping meals ahead of time is easy with the worksheets provided

  • Eating out doesn’t have to B stressful. The 2B Mindset has suggestions for all types of cuisine to stay on track!

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This is a 21-day process that is a cleanse and weight-loss program. Eliminate certain foods and toxins from your diet, clean up your system, relaxing the nervous system, removing coffee, and providing antioxidant support for the immune system. Its not easy but you’ll learn how to shop, eat, and think healthy! You can follow Jeff on his journey using The Ultimate Reset.

Ultimate Reset Nutrition

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All of the kits come with options that include Shakeology. Getting the very best essential superfoods, digestive enzymes, prebiotic, probiotics, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all crucial to being healthy and feeling great. I personally love the Vegan Chocolate with some banana or peanut butter.

Shakeology Nutrition

Shakeology can provide energy and Nutrition for the day and/or your workouts. In addition, also provides a generous amount of protein on top of all the superfoods needed for the day, in either vegan or whey based Shakeology flavors. So get that kitchen clean and prepped for the product(s) you have ordered or the grocery list given with the program!

Zone Diet

Another good method is the Zone Diet. An easier approach to portion control. Therefore, a good beginner choice and easy to maintain.  The protein consumed for each of your 3 meals should fit in your palm. Carbs should contain fruits and veggies that are non-starchy.

Don’t forget to enter your daily log in our Weight Tracker tool!! It will help with tracking, monitoring, and guidance on how to eat to see progression for your weight loss/ gain.

Remember that if you are training and want to continue to build/maintain muscle, protein synthesis (muscle rebuild) requires you to have at least 1g of protein per pound of body weight (1:1). For example I weigh 204, I need at least 204g of protein per day to make sure I properly feed the muscle for rebuild.

So if you are using the eyeball method then I suggest you make sure that the protein chosen is very rich in protein. The eyeball method is used mostly by those who are new to dieting and want to start off slow and eventually get into the more complex dieting like, weighing/measuring all foods consumed. It is best for the body to consume all your daily nutrients through a healthy food source, but some of us are WAY too busy to make sure we are able to consume a meal or snack that is beneficial. Shakeology is a perfect source. Not only is it a great source for protein but all the superfoods our body should be ingesting.


Which ever method you choose is up to you. However, we strongly recommend tracking what you eat for the first few weeks of any new changes in Nutrition. Tracking helps create awareness into what you may be missing, or getting too much of.

Tracking everything you eat may sound difficult, here is where we call in some help:
MyNetDiary offers tracking and is FitUnion’s recommended method for Ensuring you meet your Nutrition goals, whatever they may be.

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Click above to head directly to the MyNetDiary Website

If you need more information about MyNetDiary, Check out our guide @

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