Social Media


These days almost everyone is on a social media platform. If you are a coach and do not have an Instagram or Facebook, you are far behind. Therefore, are likely to not reach many folks, assuming that you don’t have a huge reputation in the community already.

Types of Social Media Accounts

A lot of coaches have both Facebook and Instagram. In addition, have made multiple accounts. They have personal accounts and a business account. Their personal account is showing followers: family, hobbies and everyday life. The business account is showing: anything related to products being sold or Activities related to the business. Above all, Anything that could attract people to the page and product(s) of the business. Don’t be a business man or woman. Be authentic, and genuine. People pay attention to those who are realistic and authentic, not those who speak from written scripts and use difficult terminology.


Now with Instagram (IG) a lot of the posting should be consistent as well with Facebook (FB) but a tool that you can use on IG that isn’t on FBHashtag is the hashtag (#). During my internship at a local gym here in Erie PA. I’ve learned that to pop up more on feeds you not only need good content, but also need a specific amount of hashtags per post in order to be put on the Explore page of IG. This page will show what IG thinks to be posts that are in your interest including posts that have used the same hashtags or location(s). So the more you post and the more hashtags used, the better chance you have of popping up on someones timeline. This article explains very well the use of hashtags and the effectiveness of hashtags.


FB has the Group button where you can not only explore what groups are practicing or sharing, but you can make your own group as well. The image below shows you what groups I follow on the left hand side, groups that are suggested for me, and groups that my friends belong to or created. Then of course to start your own group you can click the + Create Group button on the left side.

Real Life Social Media Example

For example I am going to be cutting (dieting) soon and going to be monitoring my progress. I will be choosing a diet and then posting progress pictures on both platforms including the weight tracker tool here at FitUnion! I can make a group page for this reason, and try to invite people who wish to do the same, a goal related to mine, or if they just want to follow for interest. This could be a great gateway to start and promote your business as a coach. Not only will people see the product but also see you are a result of the product. You are the proof that’s in the pudding.

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