View Share-a-Cart Status

– If/when you have sent out any Share-a-Cart links to customer(s) or coach(s), you can also View the Share-a-Cart status to see if they purchased or even viewed the cart!

– Navigate to your coach office to Continue or click image belowMy TBB Coach Dashboard

– After that, Hover the mouse over Tools & Resources and you will see a few options reveal, under marketing tools click Share-a-Cart:

using share-a-cart from homepage

– Next you will select Cart Status:

Share-a-Cart status

– You then will be able to view the Sent/Viewed/Purchased carts that you have prepared:

– After that, Choose which ever cart you are searching for and click on their name to see what cart contained:

Azalea Share-a-cart example

– You will be redirected and the entire cart will be shown with a few, additional, options to the Right:

View cart example

– Now you know how to View Share-a-cart status, and can follow up with Customers and coaches accordingly!
For more information on how to Sell with Share-a-Cart, visit Selling Using Share-a-Cart

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